Barrow County deputies investigating complaint about valuable coin collection

A Winder man recently asked law enforcement to retrieve his collection of rare coins, gold bullion and old U.S. currency from a Lawrenceville man he entrusted to sell the items.

The man values the collection between $200,000 to $300,000.

The victim told the Athens Banner-Herald and on Thursday that seller, with whom he signed a contract, can no longer be contacted and has a criminal record.

The victim contacted the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office on Aug. 28.

“We are investigating,” Sheriff Jud Smith confirmed Friday. “There was a contract signed, but considering the gentleman who has it and his criminal history, we will investigate it and turn it over to the D.A.’s office to see if we can prosecute the gentleman.”

“It’s somewhat a civil matter and it could be theft or a theft by deception type thing in that he deceived him on the contract,” Smith said.

The victim reported that he began dealing with the suspect in September 2014 and the man did sell some coins in Florida, but soon contact with the man became minimal and when nothing was selling, he attempted numerous times to have his collection returned.

When the victim learned that the suspect was arrested previously in Gwinnett County for an undisclosed offense, he went to law enforcement, according to the report.