Jackson County police blotter

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents:


MARIJUANA FOUND: On Aug. 24, Deputy Kenneth Carter was assisting with an eviction on Ivy Creek Drive in Nicholson. After the door was opened to gain entry, he saw several marijuana plants growing in containers. Another officer arrived and took possession of the plants.


MONEY MISSING: On Aug. 24, Deputy Timothy Nix met with a 34-year-old woman who reported that on March 1, she received more than $10,000 in an income tax refund. She placed the cash in a bag and concealed it under her daughter’s bed. The woman said she went to get the money and found that only about $5,000 remained. The woman said she has noticed that her teenage daughter has obtained new items such as a phone, clothing and shoes. If her daughter took the money, the mother wants to prosecute.


UNRULY INMATE: On Aug. 24, county jail inmate Micah David Bowen, 31, of Auburn, was ordered into in 24-hour lockdown because he was acting disrespectful and uncooperative. As he continued to misbehave, a decision was made to place him in isolation. When he was being transferred, he slammed a door and kicked at it repeatedly, so jailers decided to place him in a padded cell. Once in the padded cell, he was ordered at Taser-point not to move while officers exited the cell. Bowen complied and there were no further issues.


FOUR-WHEELER STOLEN: On Aug. 23, Deputy John Perry was dispatched to Bear Cub Way, Bogart, where a woman reported the theft of a dark green and black Honda Rancher four-wheeler.


STRANGE SOUNDS: On Aug. 24, Deputy Philip Wilshire was dispatched to a home near Nicholson, where a woman reported someone had been coming to her windows and making ghost sounds. She also shared that she believed someone in her neighborhood was manufacturing methamphetamine because she smells strange odors at night and can hear a generator running.


DOG BITE: On Aug. 24, Deputy Stephen Thomason met with a 49-year-old Jefferson woman, who reported she was riding her bicycle down Swann Circle when a pit-bull-mix dog ran at her and bit her leg. She spoke to the dog’s owner, who apologized and advised her to call and notify her if she planned to ride her bicycle along this road again. The dog’s owner also became upset when she was asked to produce the dog’s rabies vaccination papers. The deputy spoke to the dog owner and advised her that she needed to keep her dog under control and that an animal control officer would soon meet with her.


DOG STOLEN: On Aug. 24, Deputy Roger Gober met with a 34-year-old Braselton woman who reported that someone stole her pit bulldog valued at $200 from her yard on Cooper Bridge Road. The woman said she asked a man in the neighborhood about her dog and he alleged that a man who drives a black Ford Crown Victoria had taken the dog. The suspect is a restaurant worker.


STRANGE PAIR: On Aug. 24, Deputy Brannan Wilburn was dispatched to a home on Ridgeway Church Road in Maysville, where a woman said she was outside cutting grass when she observed a woman next to her home yelling “Leigh Anne.” The woman said she approached the stranger and told her to leave, but the woman responded that she was looking for “Leigh Anne.” The stranger then got inside a yellow Kia driven by a man. She told both that they needed to leave and the car began moving slowly in her direction, so she hit the hood with her fist. The car then left, but the man warned that he was coming back.


FIGHT: On Aug. 23, Deputy Mark Pulliam was dispatched to a home on Lanier Road, Pendergrass, for a fight. Numerous people were at the house and some were leaving as deputies arrived. A man who identified himself as the homeowner told the deputy he called 911 because of the fight, but they had left and now the deputies were no longer needed. However, Pulliam explained that he needed to check everyone to make sure they were OK.

Another man at the house told the deputy to leave because he didn’t have a warrant. The man became loud and he was escorted out of the house, which caused a crowd of people to become irate. The deputy found one man with a swollen eye and was told the man received the injury while trying to break up the fight. However, the man told the deputy that he was injured when a box fell on him while he was at work.

Eight people asked the deputy if they could leave and they were allowed to do so. The deputies again asked to check the welfare of others in the house and about 15 to 20 people exited through the front door. Two people were cited for underage drinking. Everyone appeared fine, so deputies left.


ROUGH OHIOANS: On Aug. 23, a deputy met with a 30-year-old Jefferson woman, who said her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend is threatening her. The woman has threatened to beat her rear end and warned “don’t make me make a special trip.” The suspect lives in Canton, Ohio, which the complainant said is a bad area and the people there “don’t play.”


FIGHT: On Aug. 23, Deputy Michael Stanifer was dispatched to a home in Hoschton, where two juvenile brothers were fighting. One boy explained his brother was throwing his shirt into a clothes basket and every time he got it out, the brother would throw it back in. In response, the boy then threw his brother down and got on top of him, but his brother punched him two or three times. The officer attempted to counsel the boys about their behavior.


THREAT: On Aug. 22, a deputy was dispatched to Silver Dollar Road, Maysville, where a 26-year-old woman reported that a man and woman came to her house and began yelling and cursing and threatened to kick her boyfriend’s rear end. The unruly pair went onto the porch and finally left in a gray Honda.


DOG MATTERS: On Aug. 22, deputies were dispatched to three separate dog complaints. A man on Holly Springs Road, Jefferson, called to complain a dead dog was in the road. A 40-year-old Nicholson woman reported her neighbor’s aggressive dog was in her yard after it broke off a chain. A 33-year-old Jefferson man called to report that a stray dog was in his yard.

The previous day, a 43-year-old woman called to report that a child in the neighborhood was blowing up firecrackers, which was disturbing her dog. Also, a woman called to report seeing a small terrier walking down Buffington Road in Maysville. The dog could not hold its mouth still and its eyes were going from side to side.