Jackson County police blotter

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office released the following reports:

GUN FOUND: On Aug. 31, Deputy Andrea Rogers met with a man who found a Jennings 9mm pistol in a pasture off Gum Springs Church Road. The serial number was checked and it was not reported stolen or lost.

FRAUD: On Aug. 31, Deputy David Marcus met with a resident of Jefferson, who said he had some friends over to his home in May and that his Kohls credit card went missing. He later found where someone had charged $492 on it. The man contacted the people who came to his house and reached a woman through Facebook, who admitted she took the card and also used his identification to charge several thousand on other accounts. The officer checked the woman’s identification and found she was wanted on warrants in several counties in Georgia.

THEFT: On Sept. 1, Deputy Daniel Miller met with a resident of Joe Bolton Road, Commerce, who said someone entered her garage and stole several tools and fishing rods. A neighbor saw a older model Chevrolet truck at her house earlier in the day.

BURGLARY: On Sept. 2, Deputy Thomas Duncan was dispatched to a home on Old Kings Bridge Road, Nicholson, where a juvenile reported he opened the door to his home and heard someone moving around upstairs. The youth ran to his grandmother’s house. The house was checked and a door was found open. It appeared every room in the house, except the kitchen, had been searched. A large screen TV had been moved and damaged.

BURGLARY: On Sept. 2, Deputy Thomas Duncan met with a man on Commerce Road, Nicholson, where he reported coming home and finding someone had entered his home by forcing open a window. The washing machine, well pump, kitchen sink, kitchen cabinets, and walls had all been damaged. In addition, a water line was broken. A stove and other items had been stolen.

GROWLING CAT: On Sept. 2, Deputy Branna Wilburn was dispatched to a home in Maysville, after a woman reported she went outside her home and a white cat growled at her. She said the cat, which looked rabid, ran in her direction, so she ran inside the house and called for help. The officer located the cat at a neighbor’s house lying down next to a lawn mower. The cat appeared malnourished and had an injured leg. The cat did not appear rabid, but only hungry. It did not show any aggression toward the neighbors who provided it with some water and food.

HARASSMENT: On Aug. 31, a Colbert man reported he has been receiving unwanted messages on Facebook by a Jefferson woman who is liking certain posts and posting messages. He took the woman off the list of people who like his page, but she has still been able to continuing liking his posts and sending messages, which he is deleting. The man said he has unpublished his page to prevent the messages.

DAMAGE: On Aug. 31, Deputy Gerry Griffin met with a 29-year-old Hoschton man, who reported that he and his girlfriend had a verbal dispute the previous night, so he left to stay with a friend. The man came home to find his clothing missing and his Yamaha ATV burned up.

FRAUD: On Sept. 1, Deputy Chris Peters met with a resident of Jefferson, who said he received a call from a man claiming to be with the IRS. The caller demanded unpaid taxes from 2012, but the man told him he didn’t owe any taxes. At that point, the caller threatened to have him locked up.

SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE: On Sept. 1, Deputy Gerry Griffin saw a pickup parked along a rural road near Braselton, so he stopped. No one was at the vehicle, so he and another deputy went down to the nearby river and found a 27-year-old Gainesville man and a 23-year-old Winder woman swimming nude in the river. The man explained his grandfather owned the land at this location and he had permission to be there.

SNAKE IN GARAGE: On Sept. 1, Deputy Conrad Davis was dispatched to a home in Braselton, where a woman called to report there was a rattlesnake in her garage. The deputy found a small nonvenomous snake, which had become trapped on a piece of tape on a bottle. The officer took the snake and released it in a wooded area.

BURGLARY: On Aug. 30, Deputy Johnny Sanders was dispatched to a home on Whites Bottom Road, Pendergrass, where a woman reported she came home and found someone had entered the house and stole a .410-gauge shotgun, a .30.30-caliber rifle, a. 30-06-caliber rifle and a 12-gauge shotgun. The guns are valued at $2,000.

MISSING DOG: On Aug. 29, a deputy was dispatched to Maysville, where a 40-year-old man reported he heard his pet chihuahua named Cosmo barking. The man said Cosmo has been missing for a week, but he recognized the yelps as his dog’s voice. The man said he yelled ‘I love you’ and the dog responded by saying ‘I love you.’ The man explained his dog could say those words. The man said his dog was calling him from another yard in the neighborhood. The deputy went to that home and the owner said he didn’t have the man’s dog and he allowed the officer to search. There were several dogs there, but no Cosmo.