Jackson County police blotter

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents:

DOG SHOT: On Sept. 12, Deputy Roger Gober was dispatched to a home in Hoschton, where a 45-year-old man reported that a neighbor shot his dog. The shooter shot the dog because it was after his chickens. The deputy explained to the dog owner that the man had a right to protect the chickens. The deputy then approached the neighbor, who explained that two dogs were trying to get to his chickens and that he fired a warning shot and one dog ran off, but the other didn’t. The man said he was afraid the dog might bite him, so he fired again and the wounded dog ran off. The man regretted having to shoot the dog.

PIG KILLED: On Sept. 13, Deputy Philip Wilshire met with a 35-year-old Jefferson woman, who reported she returned home to find several items she owned had been damaged and scattered in the yard. The person also killed her pet pig. The officer took photos of the damaged property and the dead pig. Deputies have a suspect in the crime.

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: On Sept. 13, a deputy was patrolling on a dead-end road outside Jefferson shortly after 10 p.m., when he came up on a car parked along the road. The officer approached the car and found a 17-year-old with his pants off and a nude 16-year-old girl. The officer explained this road was closed to traffic and the teenage boy told the officer that “it wasn’t what it looked like.” The pair had told their parents they were going to get something to eat at a restaurant. The mothers for both teens were called and they came to the location. The mothers were observed talking to their children in a disciplining matter. The teen told the officer he would not come back to this location.

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: On Sept. 7, a deputy was patrolling about 10:20 p.m. on Horace Head Road near Jefferson, when he saw a vehicle parked in an area. He went over to the car and found two teens in the backseat. The deputy asked what they were doing and the male acted nervous and said, “I’m sorry sir. I’m not going to lie. We were both doing something we shouldn’t be doing.” The deputy advised them to leave and not engage in such activity on a public road.

INDECENT LAWN MOWER: On Sept. 11, Deputy Steven Bradberry was dispatched to a location in Maysville, where a woman called to complain that a man was cutting his grass and wearing only a shirt and socks. The deputy arrived and the 45-year-old man explained his shirt was long enough to cover his genitals. He explained it was hot and he didn’t think he was doing anything wrong. The deputy ordered him to put on his pants. The man was also warned this was an unacceptable way to cut grass and the mower agreed not to do it again.

WOMAN GROPED: On Sept. 12, deputies were dispatched about 3:20 a.m. to a home, where a man said he was awakened by his dogs barking and he turned on the porch lights to find a man sitting there. The resident said the man claimed he was trying to get away from another man who lives down the street. The deputy went to his location and this man explained that the suspect was staying at his house. He said the suspect pinched his girlfriend on the rear end, so he ordered him to leave. However, when the suspect got “smart” with him, a fight ensued, and he punched the man in the face several times before he fled. The woman declined to press charges.

STRANGE MAN: On Sept. 7, a deputy met with a Pendergrass man, who said his son and his juvenile friend went fishing at a nearby pond and that while fishing they saw an older man. At some point, the boys stripped down to their shorts and went swimming and the man lured them to a isolated cove, where he sat on a log looking at them. The man suggested they swim naked, which they refused. The suspect was a white man with a reddish beard and a balding head and wearing cut-off blue jeans. The boys said the man followed them as they left the pond. He asked if they would come back fishing the next day. The boys said no.

STRIPPER PROBLEM: On Sept. 5, Deputy Christopher Spears met with a 61-year-old Commerce man, who reported that a stripper from Athens was harassing him on Facebook. The deputy read the messages in which the woman said she heard the complainant was talking about her and she sent some messages of a threatening nature. However, the man also provoked some of the responses in his messages to her. The deputy advised the man to block her from Facebook. When this was done, the man replied that “everything was great now that she was blocked.”

WOMAN STIFFS MAN: On Sept. 10, a 46-year-old Braselton man reported the theft of $8,845 worth of property by a woman he met on the dating site Plenty of Fish. The man said he met the woman and after they had a dinner date he invited her to move into his home, if she would keep it clean. The woman agreed and moved in on Sept. 6. The next day the man went out of town on a business trip. The pair stayed in touch by phone, but when he told her that his mother was coming to the house, he never heard from her again. When he came back home on Sept. 11, he found the woman was gone along with lots of property, including jewelry, watches, shoes, tools, computers and a credit card. The man has no idea where she lives and doubts she gave her real name.

WIFE BAGS HUSBAND: On Sept. 7, a deputy met with a 31-year-old Maysville woman, who reported she had bagged up her husband’s property and piled it on the side of the road. The woman said her husband had been gone five days now and was “shacked up” with another woman. The woman said he may cause some problems when he comes back and sees what she has done.

HONEYMOON ENDS QUICKLY: On Sept. 6, a deputy was dispatched to meet with a 25-year-old woman, who said that 20 days ago she married her husband and spent hundreds of dollars buying him new boots and others items. On this morning, she said her husband told her he wanted a divorce. She now wanted him to return the property she purchased. The deputy accompanied the estranged wife to a home where the husband was staying, but a woman at the house didn’t want the wife there and wanted her banned from coming back. The deputy told the wife to stay away or she would be arrested. The husband refused to return the boots.

MAN’S OBSCENE PHOTO: On Sept. 10, a deputy was dispatched to a store at Tanger’s Outlets in Commerce, where a 25-year-old woman said she received a text message from a person who identified himself as Randy. When she advised him he had a wrong number he sent her a picture of his penis. She told him not to message her again. However, he has sent at least 40 more texts and a second photo of his penis. The woman was advised to block the number.

OBSCENE PHOTO: On Aug. 28, a Jefferson man reported that his wife received a photo from a man on her cellphone. The unknown man took a photo of his rear end. The matter was turned over to an investigator.

HUNTING DISPUTE: On Sept. 12, Deputy Charles Clark was dispatched to a location off McKinney Road, Jefferson, where a man found a Chevrolet pickup parked on his property. There were bow cases in the bed and the man said no one had permission to be hunting on the land. After about 45 minutes, two men armed with bows returned to the pickup. One man claimed he had permission to hunt there. The deputy took the names of the two, one from Jefferson and the other from Gainesville, and provided this to a Department of Natural Resources conservation officer.

MAN RUNS: On Sept. 13, Deputy Philip Wilshire was patrolling on Athens Street in Jefferson at about 2 a.m. when he saw a man walking in a store parking lot. The officer shouted for the man to wait and as he turned his patrol unit around, the man took off running into the woods. He could not be found.

MEDICATION STOLEN: On Sept. 7, Deputy Daryl Howington met with a woman, who said her son is under hospice care and needs pain medications including morphine. Over the past few months, she noticed that some of the medications are coming up short. She has no idea who might be stealing the young man’s medicine.