Jackson County police blotter

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents:

MAN ARRESTED: On Sept. 16, deputies were dispatched to the Subway on Georgia Highway 124, Jefferson, where a man had attacked a woman, then fled the store before the officers arrived. During the violent disturbance, a woman was thrown against a glass table that caused a serious injury to her arm. The suspect also pushed another woman and began swinging at everyone close to him in the restaurant. The suspect, identified as John Ernest Breedlove, 43, of Ashwick Drive, Jefferson, fled to a wooded area near Doster Road. Several deputies searched the area and found the suspect crouching down behind a bush. Deputies placed Breedlove in handcuffs and he questioned the officers’ actions saying “I’m just trying to get a sandwich.” At one point as they were leading him to a patrol unit, Breedlove jumped and threw himself on the ground, then accused the officers of throwing him down. Breedlove was ordered to quit acting and get up. Breedlove refused and had to be lifted off the ground. In the patrol unit, Breedlove slammed his head against the car’s roof. A stun gun was used to get him to comply. Breedlove was charged with simple assault, cruelty to children, aggravated battery, and three counts of obstruction of an officer. He was placed in jail without bond.

THREATS ON CHICKENS: On Sept. 16, a Commerce man reported that a man called warning him to pay a debt or he was going to his father’s house and start stealing chickens. The same suspect sent a text message threatening to kill the chickens.

SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE: On Sept. 20, Deputy David Marcus was patrolling a subdivision near Jefferson, when he saw a car parked on Poppy Lane, where no houses had been built. The deputy checked and found a young woman and man inside the car. The woman said they were hanging out and kissing. They were advised to leave the area.

NUT COLLECTORS: On Sept. 17, a resident of Lewis Roberts Road, Jefferson, called to have some people removed from his property. The man explained that every year when the chestnuts start falling from the trees in his yard, a group of Koreans show up and start picking them. This has not been a problem in years past, but now more and more are showing up without asking for permission. A group showed up this day and when he told them to leave, they refused. The deputy spoke to two people, one from Lilburn and the other from Cooper City, Fla., and they said they’ve been coming here for years without a problem. However, the deputy advised them to leave the property.

ENTERING AUTO: On Sept. 29, Deputy Christopher Peters was dispatched to a home on Annes Court, Bogart, where a man said someone entered his pickup and stole numerous tools, including a cordless drill, hammer drill and wrenches.

ENTERING AUTO: On Sept. 28, Deputy Gerry Griffin met with a resident of Georgia Highway 124, Jefferson, who reported someone entered his vehicle and stole $50 cash, a Galaxy S4 phone and a new bottle of Fireball whiskey.

BLOOD MOON: On Sept. 28, Deputy Brannan Wilburn was patrolling Tanger Outlets in Commerce at about 2 a.m. when he saw a woman in a parked car. He stopped to inquire why she was out so late at night and the woman explained she drove all the way from Suwanne trying to see the blood moon. She said the weather was too cloudy in Suwanne to see the moon and she had been sitting here for about a hour trying to see the moon. The deputy advised her to leave and not park on private property after hours.

EARTH MAN: On Sept. 29, Deputy Mark Pulliam was patrolling near Glenn Gee Store in Pendergrass when he saw a man sleeping. The officer awoke the man and asked where he came from and the man replied “earth.” The deputy frisked the man for weapons and found a pair of scissors in his pocket. The man was taken to jail on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon and giving a false name. The man was tentatively identified as an illegal alien.

NOISE COMPLAINT: On Sept. 27, a deputy was dispatched to a location on Archer Grove School Road, where loud music was reported. The officer arrived to find some people involved in some type of religious ceremony being held outdoors. He advised the group to lower the music’s volume, which was done.

SUSPICIOUS COUPLE: On Sept. 23, a deputy was dispatched about 4:30 p.m. to an area off MLK Drive in Jefferson, where a suspicious car was seen. When the deputy arrived, he could see the vehicle shaking side to side slightly. The deputy went up to the car and found a 52-year-old man with his pants unzipped and a young woman at his side. He could smell alcohol and the woman became defensive of the deputy’s intrusion. Both said they were just parked there and not doing anything inappropriate. They both agreed the man’s pants were unzipped because he has just peed in the nearby woods. A person came and got the man because he had been drinking, while the woman left walking.

FLIM FLAM VICTIM: On Sept. 23, a deputy met with an 85-year-old Jefferson man, who said several people are calling him with news that he has won millions of dollars in the Publishers Clearing House contest. The man said he signed up for the contest back in the summer and that various people have called telling him how much money he needed to wire to various people in order to collect his millions. The man said he sent money to Idaho, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands. He estimated he has sent about $20,000.

MAN ARRESTED: On Sept. 26, Cpl. Bruce Cronic was dispatched to a home on Duck Road, Braselton, where a man reported the theft of several firearms, including an AK-47 assault rifle. Later that day, Jefferson police made a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by Sohn Robert woods, 25, of Duck Road, and found him in possession of a gun that was removed from the home along with several bullet clips for an AK-47. Investigator Clayton Lowe was called to the scene. Woods was charged with felony theft, felony theft by receiving stolen property and driving while his license was suspended.