Jackson County police blotter

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents:

SEXUAL ASSAULT: On Oct. 20, Deputy Tommy Haynes met with a woman in Jefferson, who reported that a 17-year-old girl told her she was the possible victim of a sexual assault in Banks County. The victim was taken to Banks County, where an investigator was contacted to interview the victim.

DISPUTE: On Oct. 19, Cpl. Bruce Cronic was dispatched to a store in Hoschton, where a woman said a man came in and gave her a piece of paper with a street address written on it, telling her that this is where she could find him. The woman said a Facebook post had started the disagreement and she told him to leave. The man refused, but when she picked up the phone to call 911, the man took off in a Dodge Ram pickup.

SCAM AVERTED: On Oct. 20, Cpl. Bruce Cronic was dispatched to a home in Jefferson, where a 58-year-old woman reported a man called saying he is with a publishing house and that she has won $2.5 million. He told the woman that first she was to proceed to Walmart and buy a Green Dot card for $250 and then call him back with the PIN and that he would come to her home. The deputy advised the woman this was a scam and to not purchase the Green Dot card.

THEFT: On Oct. 19, Deputy Daryl Howington was dispatched to a location on Bill Wright Road, Jefferson, where someone stole parts of the exhaust systems off nine Isuzu trucks parked inside a gated lot. A security camera video will be reviewed and the deputy will dust for fingerprints on items left behind by the thieves who used a saw the cut the parts from the trucks.

THEFT: On Oct. 15, Deputy Tommy Haynes was flagged down in a parking lot on Fairways Lane, Jefferson, where a man reported the theft of items delivered to his home. The man said records show the packages were delivered by FedEx, but disappeared after the deliveries. Among the missing items are running shoes, vitamins and a garden hose.

DOG PROBLEM: On Oct. 19, a Commerce man who was hunting at a location off Georgia Highway 82 reported that when he arrived at the location some dogs ran toward him from a neighbor’s yard. The pit bull dogs did not try to attack, but he was worried they were dangerous. The man said he saw the owner call the dogs and they returned. The man also called animal control.

FACEBOOK WINNER: On Oct. 19, a 62-year-old Commerce woman reported that a person on Facebook sent her a message saying she had won a Facebook grant and to receive the grant money all she had to do was send the man $450. The woman said she did not respond to the message because it appeared to be a scam.

INJURED DEER: On Oct. 17, Deputy Roger Gober responded to a location on Georgia Highway 124, Hoschton, after a motorist reported hitting a deer and she was concerned the deer might be injured. The officer found that the 45-year-old woman’s car was barely damaged, however, the woman said the deer was limping as it went into the woods. The deputy was unable to locate the deer and the woman drove off.

NO BURGLARY: On Oct. 16, Deputy Jesse Fowler was dispatched to a home in Jefferson, where a 33-year-old woman called to report a burglary. The woman said she entered her home and found that the TV was gone, however, she found it behind some boxes. The deputy cleared the home to make sure no one was inside and when the woman called her husband she learned the TV was hidden as a joke on her.

ROAD RAGE: On Oct. 18, Deputy Cody Dalton was dispatched to a location on Interstate 85, where motorists were in a dispute. One man said he was behind a truck pulling a trailer when a rock flew off the trailer and hit his windshield. He pulled up alongside the vehicle and his wife leaned out and began yelling at the driver to pull over, but he flicked her off instead. When he finally got the truck stopped, he said the truck driver got out with an iron pipe. When they argued, he said the truck driver pushed him. The truck driver told the officer he was traveling down the highway, when the other motorist cut him off and forced him to pull over, which almost caused him to wreck. When he saw them exit their vehicle, he said he took the metal bar from under his seat because he didn’t known their intentions. He denied ever using it in a threatening manner. He then said the other man started blaming him for a rock that cracked his windshield. The couple was advised to take the report to the courthouse if they wanted to file a charge.

ILLEGAL DUMPING: On Oct. 18, Deputy Christopher Peters was dispatched to Crooked Creek Baptist Church on Crooked Creek Road, where someone over the past several months has been illegally dumping trash behind the cemetery.

DOGS AND CATS: On Oct. 17, a deputy met with a Commerce woman, where neighbors have complained about her dogs barking. The woman said she felt the complaints are unfair because the neighbors cats are trespassing on her yard and it gets the dogs upset.

SUGAR IN TANK: On Oct. 15, a 30-year-old Jefferson River Road resident reported someone entered his property during the night and put sugar in the gas tank of his car. The man thinks it might be a woman who is trying to reach him but he is ignoring her calls because his relationship with her has ended.

PARTY SHOTS: On Oct. 17, a deputy responded at 10:20 a.m. to someone shooting guns on Silver Dollar Road, Maysville. The deputy met with a resident who said they were having a wedding anniversary party. The officer could not find where anyone had fired a gun.

ILLEGAL DUMPING: On Oct. 17, Deputy Christopher Peters was dispatched to a location on Old Winder Jefferson Highway near Jefferson, where a woman said she confronted several persons in a black Dodge Ram pickup who were dumping deer carcass parts on her property. The men apologized and cleaned the area before leaving. Georgia Department of Natural Resources ranger Eric Isom also responded to the site.

EGG THROWER: On Oct. 18, Deputy Roger Gober was dispatched to the parking lot of Publix in Hoschton, where he met with two 18 year old men in a dispute. One teen threw eggs at the car of the other teen. The teenager said he threw the eggs because the other person is a bully. The pair both agreed they could move on from this and the egg thrower swore he would never do this again.

UNEXPECTED PHOTOS: On Oct. 18, Deputy Daniel Miller spoke to a 65-year-old Commerce man who complained that someone sent him unwanted photos on his cellphone of a man’s penis and a nude woman.

MAN ARRESTED: On Oct. 18, Deputy David Marcus was dispatched to Sandy Lane Court, Jefferson, where Richard Dorian Mitchell had barricaded himself in a house and was armed with a 12-gauge shotgun. A man in the house went to the nearby Arcade Police Department and called 911 because he was fearful someone would be harmed. Marcus negotiated with the suspect and at one point heard him rack a shell into the shotgun. After more than 35 minutes the man came to the door and surrendered to Marcus. Mitchell, 44, was charged with two counts each of aggravated assault, making terroristic threats and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. No one was injured during the standoff.

NOISE OR MUSIC: On Oct. 15, Deputy Ryan Brooks was dispatched to a noise complaint on Pleasant Hill Drive, Talmo, which turned out to be a man playing his bass guitar. He agreed to tune it down.

TRESPASSER: On Oct. 15, Deputy Stephen Thomason was dispatched at 8:23 p.m. to a location off Georgia Highway 330, Statham, where two men said they heard something in the woods behind their house and upon looking they saw a white man peering at them from behind a tree. The man had facial hair and was holding something in his hand. They left out of fear that the man had a gun and called for law enforcement. The officer checked but could not find the lurker.

TRESPASSING: On Oct. 15, Deputy Thomas Duncan was dispatched to a home near Nicholson, where a woman reported that she caught a neighbor reaching through the fence and grabbing a pet Shih Tzu dog, which belonged to her roommate. The woman said she took the dog away from the man. She also showed the officer a photo she took of the man reaching through the fence. The woman said the offender used curse words as they argued about his behavior. The deputy spoke to the offender and warned him to stay away from the property and if he trespassed he could go to jail. The offender and his family complained about the neighbor letting her chickens run loose.

— Compiled by Wayne Ford/Staff