Madison County police blotter

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents:

FIGHT: On Oct. 18, Cpl. Josh Fowler was dispatched to a home on the outskirts of Comer, where a 53-year-old man was fighting his nephew. The man explained he gave a debit card and credit card to his nephew telling him to buy some items for the nephew’s family. However, when the man checked his account he found the nephew purchased $2,800 worth of items, which caused the uncle to become irate. The man grabbed his nephew and pushed him against a wall, but the nephew punched his uncle in the face knocking him to the ground. The nephew then left the house. The deputy explained to the uncle that because he allowed the nephew to use the cards, he would have to take him to civil court.

THEFT: On Oct. 15, a resident of Elm Road near Carlton reported someone stole his homemade deer stand. The man said he last saw the stand on Sept. 21 and when he arrived today, it was gone. He placed its value at $300.

BURGLARY: On Oct. 15, Deputy Daniel Martin was dispatched to a home on Helican Springs Road, where a man reported that between 7:25 a.m. and 3:49 p.m. someone entered his home and stole more than $4,000 worth of property, including computers, TVs, a GPS, CDs, and other electronic equipment. The deputy found signs of a forced entry.

BURGLARY: On Oct. 16, Deputy Josh Fowler was dispatched to Piedmont Road, Hull, where a man said he went outside and saw a silver Chevrolet Tahoe in his driveway. He watched as a man go and enter an outbuilding, then shortly he came back to the vehicle and opened the rear hatch. The man then got back inside the Chevy and drove off. The resident could not find anything missing.

BURGLARY: On Oct. 17, Deputy Tiffany Bowen was dispatched to Macedonia Church Road, where a man said he went to his camper and found a window pried open. He opened the door, which was unlocked and someone had thrown the contents all over the camper. Doors were torn off and some documents such as credit card statements were missing.

AGGRESSIVE SALESMAN: On Oct. 17, a resident of Danielsville called her granddaughter saying there was a vacuum cleaner salesman in her home who would not leave. The granddaughter called her brother who went to the house and told the man they were not interested and for them to leave the property. When the salesman wouldn’t leave, the grandson picked up the vacuum cleaner and took it to their vehicle. There were two men and a woman in the Chevrolet Suburban. The deputy contacted dispatch and learned that the salesman did notify the county they would be in the area selling vacuums.

WOMAN INJURED: On Oct. 15, Deputy Daniel Martin was dispatched to a home on Jot Em Down Road, where a woman explained she was involved in an argument with a man, who called her a sexually derogatory name. The man was standing outside her bedroom window so in a fit of anger she punched the window breaking the glass and cutting her arm. She declined medical treatment. The deputy later spoke to the man, who said he never touched the woman. However, he said his cellphone was missing and he believes she took it. However, the woman denied taking the phone.

FRAUD: On Oct. 15, Lt. Josh Smith met with a Colbert woman, who said someone used the identification of her husband, who died in 2014, to open an account with PayPal and make a fraudulent charge of $482.

GROCERIES STOLEN: On Oct. 14, Sgt. Bradley Free was dispatched to Ingles, where a man escaped with a buggy full of groceries. An employee said he didn’t see the person until he had the groceries loaded into a white Buick Regal. A customer in the store identified the suspect. The suspect is known to law enforcement and Capt. Pat Holl drove to a trailer park the man is known to frequent, but couldn’t locate him. Deputies also searched unsuccessfully in Hull for the Buick.

TRESPASSER: On Oct. 14, Deputy Taylor Arrendale was dispatched to Garnett Ward Road, where a woman reported she came home about 10:05 p.m. and when pulling into the driveway she saw a man she recognized on her front porch. Upon seeing her, the man ran off toward the back of the property and disappeared into the woods. The woman said she has been having problems with a Peeping Tom who looks in the windows at night and believes it may be the same man. The deputy drove to the man’s house and he denied it was him saying he had not been out of his home. He was warned to stay away from the woman’s property.

PISTOL MISSING: On Oct. 14, Lt. Jimmy Patton met with a Hull man, who reported he is having his home remodeled and during this process his 9mm pistol went missing. The man said he spoke with some of the contractors and they all said they knew nothing about the gun. The gun was still in its original box.

MONEY MISSING: On Oct. 13, Cpl. William Elrod met with a Harrison community resident, who explained he had a woman over at his home and at one point he saw her in his bedroom. Shortly after she left, the man said his wallet with $205 cash was missing from the bedroom. He tried to call the woman and she won’t answer the phone and he discovered that she now had him blocked on Facebook.

UPSET WOMAN: On Oct. 13, Deputy Brandon Hanley met with a Hull man, who said his girlfriend wrote the words “liar” and “cheater” on the walls of his home and urinated on the bed. The man said he is fearful the woman might try to get someone to kill him because she knows a lot of people involved with drugs.

MISSING MONEY: On Oct. 12, Deputy Tiffany Bowen met with a Danielsville woman who said that three days earlier she was taken to a hospital for a medical condition. When she returned she found her home secured, but $142 was missing from her purse and more money from a box she kept hidden.

DEER STAND TAKEN: On Oct. 12, Deputy Tiffany Bowen was dispatched to New Hope Church Road, where a man reported that three days earlier he took his deer stand to the location and when he returned this day the stand was gone. There were ATV tracks that led to a location on Paoli Road.

MISSING GUITARS: On Oct. 12, Deputy Brandon Hanley was dispatched to Ferndale Court, where a man reported the front door to his home was forced open and a thief took two guitars and an electricians tool bag.

­— Compiled by Wayne Ford/Staff